Meet the Team

Meet our team of industry selected experts!

Helen Kane

Helen is the CEO of One MSL (formerly known as...

Kevin Woodhams

Learning & Development Lead
Kevin is the Learning & Development Lead at One MSL....

Heather Senior

Onboarding Lead
Heather is the Onboarding Lead at One MSL. She has...

Jessica Kane

Operational Excellence Lead
Jess is the Operational Excellence Lead at One MSL. She...

Genevieve Thompson-Murdoch

Diagnostics & Client Project Lead
Genevieve is the Diagnostics & Client Project Lead at One...

Greg Kane

Digital Lead
Greg is the Digital Lead at One MSL. He has...

Neringa Apolianskaite

Project Manager
Neringa is a Project Manager at One MSL. She has...

Sandra Vaidote

Project Manager
Sandra is a Project Manager at One MSL. She has...

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