Applying a narrative to scientific presentations

Is the role of the MSL simply to be a scientific expert and communicator of data? Can the MSL hope to succeed just by doing this? Perhaps not.

By presenting data in a more compelling manner, we can hope to capture the attention of our HCP from the outset of a meeting. How might we achieve this through the storifying of science?

To be clear, we are not referring to dramatic storytelling here, but are exploring how to frame data with a narrative approach: ‘What happened during our clinical trials? What ought to have happened? What have we ultimately learned?’ By starting with the end in mind, we capture the attention of our HCP and invite them on a journey of discovery, and by complementing our data with astute insights, our presentation will immediately become more intriguing.

For more information check out our webinar on ‘Storifying Scientific Presentations’, found via ‘Resources’ in One MSL Community.