The One MSL Story by Helen Kane, CEO, One MSL

I am proud to write my first blog as CEO of One MSL, the global standard of MSL excellence.

One MSL was born from my belief in the value of the MSL and the wider medical affairs function together with a passion for developing individuals and teams to be the best they can be, in ultimate support of the patient.

One MSL has been created through the evolution of PIVOT MSL which I established as a specialist training consultancy with a core focus on the field medical function.

We are proud to be recognised within the industry for our expertise, authenticity and positive approach. These are our core values which sit at the heart of all that we do.

We have built a deep connection with the global MSL community through our annual research survey and see ourselves as on a journey of continuous learning about the needs of organisations and individuals.

One MSL will revolutionise the way in which MSLs can connect and learn.

One MSL is the new home for our consultancy, the One Community and One Academy.

We look forward to welcoming you.