One Academy Client Portal FAQ

What is the purpose of the One Academy Client Portal?

The One Academy Client Portal is the system that is used to manage your One Academy account. You can submit tickets and share files with us.

The main uses of the portal are:

  1. Client onboarding – you will be downloading your onboarding materials checklist and uploading the documents necessary in order to create your One Academy account.
  2. One Academy maintenance – through ticket submission, you will be able to request account deletion, addition of new accounts, view monthly reports, view subscription numbers and contact One Academy for technical issue resolution

Can I change my profile details and password in the client portal?

Yes, you can update your details/password by navigating to your profile.

How can I submit a ticket?

You can submit a ticket by pressing on a ‘Make a Ticket Submission’ navigation button. You will see that there will be 4 different types of requests – ‘New Account’, ‘Retire Account’, ‘Technical/general support’, ‘Subscription query’.

Depending on the query type, please provide us with as much information as possible in order to ensure we can resolve your request in a timely manner.

NOTE: please ensure you always provide us with the following information when submitting a ticket request:

1. Full name of the account that you would like to add or retire
2. Email address of the account that you would like to add or retire
3. The date which you would like the account to be activated/retired

Should you require multiple accounts created/retired, you can add a file with the required information as an attachment and we will use the information provided within the file

Once the request is submitted, we will respond within 2 business days.

Can I seek support regarding technical issues by submitting a ticket via Client Portal?

Yes, you can make a ticket submission and select the ‘technical/general support’.
Please note that for other One Academy users, there is an email address which should be used for any support queries.

How can I track ticket progress?

You can track ticket progress by selecting ‘Tickets’ in the main page on the navigation bar. You can see details of the work completed against the particular ticket by pressing on that ticket. You can also send a note to One Academy by pressing ‘Add a note’.

How can I view subscriptions?

You can view subscriptions by selecting ‘Subscriptions’ in the main page on the navigation bar. Here you will be able to view the active subscriptions, retired subscriptions and available subscriptions. You can also view any subscription related attachments.

Have a question regarding the One Academy Portal? Please contact us!

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